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How can we help?

We focus on restoring strength, function and movement within the pelvic area. We are specialist physiotherapists with postgraduate training and knowledge of a wide variety of treatment options. We work closely with other specialist services if required.

Who do we treat?

We see women with:

  • Stress incontinence - urinary leaking with certain activities.
  • Overactive bladder - having a sudden desire to go to the toilet immediately with possible leaking of urine before reaching the toilet. There may be a need to visit the toilet more frequently than normal.
  • Mixed urinary incontinence – a combination of stress incontinence and over active bladder.
  • Small to moderate prolapse of the front and/or back vaginal wall(s) – weakening of the support structures that support the vagina, resulting in bulging of the pelvic organs into the vagina.
  • Pain related pelvic floor dysfunction e.g. vaginismus.
  • Post natal pelvic girdle pain, perineal trauma and diastasis rectus abdominus.

We see men and women with:

  • Faecal incontinence – leakage of faeces.
  • Obstructive defecation – difficult emptying the bowel, which may or may not be associated with constipation.

We see men with:

  • Urinary incontinence and/ or erectile dysfunction following prostate surgery.

These problems are very common and tend to be ignored. They are often viewed as too embarrassing to talk about but we can help.