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Physiotherapy self referral

When should I self-refer?

If you have a new injury or problem, it is worthwhile exploring our advice and leaflets section first. Many problems improve with suitable advice and exercise.

If your GP or a healthcare professional has suggested you refer yourself to us, please use our online self-referral portal.

However, if your condition is worsening or if you are in significant pain or feel you need urgent treatment, please contact your GP, NHS 111, or A&E as appropriate.

What can I self-refer for?

We are able to assess and manage many musculoskeletal conditions involving the muscles, nerves or joints. We are also able to assess many pelvic health conditions. We are able to accept referrals for anyone aged 16 and over who is registered with a GP in Cambridgeshire or Peterborough. If you're unsure whether your GP is in our catchment area, please click here to check [opens in new window].

For any other problems, please contact your GP. If we receive your self-referral and it is not appropriate for our service, we will let you know.

Please answer the following questions to ensure this self-referral is appropriate for your condition:

  • Are you aged over 16 years old:

No: Please see you GP to refer you to Paediatric Physiotherapy if appropriate.

  • Is this referral relating to a fracture or broken bone in the last three months?

Yes: Please seek referral from your orthopaedic consultant or fracture clinic.
No: Continue to the next question

  • Does this referral relate to a primary diagnosis of Fibromyalgia

Yes: Please discuss with your GP and seek referral as appropriate.
No: Continue to the next question

  • Does this referral relate to a foot problem: such as Plantar fasciitis, foot surgery for minor foot deformities or a gait assessment for foot problems which may require insoles?

Yes:  Please consider Podiatry Referral instead  
No: Continue to the next question

  • Are Housebound patient or living in a Nursing or Residential Care Home?

Yes: Please see your GP for a community Physiotherapy referral to visit
No: Please proceed to self refer

Click here to access our self-referral physiotherapy portal (2)

If you can't access the portal, please complete this self-referral form If you need support self-referring for physiotherapy, please call 0300 555 0123 and our administrators will be able to give you a paper form.

For more on physiotherapy self referral and our service, please see our FAQs.