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Osteoarthritis (age related joint changes)

Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects the joints, and can cause pain and stiffness. This condition is also known as age related changes or wear and tear. It is the most common form of joint condition, with the knee most commonly affected. 

Typical physical signs are:

  • tenderness over the joint
  • creaking of the joint
  • joint swelling
  • restricted movement
  • decreased joint stability
  • weakness of your thigh muscles.
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We have created these resources, which offer simple advice and exercises to help you safely manage your Osteoarthritis. Please click on the image (left) or on the link below to download, save or print our leaflet.

 Hip and Knee Exercises A4 format

Our playlist of videos below demonstrates the exercises that will help you manage your osteoarthritis. The playlist below contains all 23 exercises from the leaflet above.

Please watch the introductory animation at the beginning of the playlist before you start. It is advised that you choose the hardest exercises you are able to manage.

Please pick ONE exercise from each of the bullet points below unless stated otherwise by your physiotherapist. 

  • Hip extension - videos 2 to 4
  • Hip abduction - videos 5 - 7
  • Hip external rotation - videos 8 - 10
  • Knee extension (non-weight bearing) - videos 11 - 13
  • Knee extension (weight bearing) - videos 14 - 16
  • Balance - videos 17 - 19
  • Joint movement and stretching - videos 20 - 24 
Please click on the arrow below to see the full playlist.

Osteoarthritis (OA) Education and Exercise Class
This class is specially designed for patients with age related changes in their hip, knee or ankle joints.

It focuses on the best current evidence for the management of these conditions and includes an education and exercise component. This is a one off session lasting 1.5 hours.

At the end of the education session the group will be invited to practice appropriate exercises, with the supervision of a member of the physiotherapy team. You will then be provided with an exercise and advice booklet to take home and continue with your exercises.

You would normally be invited to attend this class if your referral indicates that you have osteoarthritis (age related joint changes).