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Do your patients suffer with Cauda Equina Syndrome?
The following translations are copyright of DynamicHealth for use by physiotherapists to print out and give to patients. They must not be altered.

Passion for this project was ignited following a presentation at the Physio UK Conference and research by Dr Susan Greenhalgh, Chris Mercer and Laura Finucane. It highlighted how physiotherapists are so important in signposting patients to seek help.

Information cards - for use when a patients needs to seek emergency help - has been translated into different languages to make it accessible to more people. 

Special thanks goes to the team involved and the MACP for supporting this project. Thanks also to physiotherapists Pongsatorn Saiklang and Thiwaphon Chatprem, PHD candidates who created the Thai translation CES card. They received a Scholarship from The Royal Golden Jubilee  Ph.D. Programme, The Thailand Research Fund and are from  Khon Kaen University, Thailand. Thank you to Dr Gill Yeowell and Prof James Selfe, the University supervisors from MMU.
Please spread the word and give copies of these translated cards to your patients.

This video created by the MACP may also be useful -