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Do you have mid back pain?

Your thoracic spine is the middle section of your spine. It starts at the base of your neck and ends at the bottom of your ribs.

Pain is often felt when sitting, when twisting the body or can feel like restriction when taking a deep breath. This is usually when the spine is stiff.

When to seek medical attention

It is rare that spinal pain is actually an indication of a more serious underlying medical issue (<1%). However, an in-depth assessment by a health care professional (A&E/GP/physiotherapist) is recommended if:

  • Your mid back pain started suddenly following significant trauma (such as a vehicle accident or fall from a height).
  • You felt/feel unwell with the spinal pain (such as fever, chills,
    unexplained weight loss or have had a recent bacterial infection).
  • You have a medical history of osteoporosis, cancer, HIV, drug abuse, have an immunosuppressive condition or are on long term steroid medication.

If your mid back pain is progressively getting worse, is not relieved by lying down and is keeping you constantly awake throughout the night, despite trying the advice and exercises within this leaflet for 1-2 weeks or indeed if the exercises are making your pain significantly worse. Then please seek further advice from your GP.

 Mid back image 

We have created this advice and exercises leaflet which is also to help with easing back pain and preventing further strain/aggravation. Please click on the image (left) or on the link below to download or print.

0136 - Mid Back Pain (Thoracic)